Hospital admission

The hospital has 10 beds for in-patient surgery and 10 beds for out-patient surgery. These two sectors are located at the second and first floor of Building B, respectively.

In-patient surgery room
In-patient surgery room

Hospitalized patients are those with medical (uveitis work up, hemodilution therapy, treatment with steroids bolus …) or surgical eye conditions (surgical retina, cataract, glaucoma…).

Patients hospitalized in out-patient surgery are operated leave the hospital the same day if there are no contra indications. This concerns the majority of cataract surgeries, interventions of the eyelids, or rapid interventions requiring a short general anesthesia in children.

The service of conventional surgery is under the supervision of Mrs. Myriam TISON.

The out patient surgery service is under the supervision of Mrs Nathalie DEVEY and Mrs Myriam TISON.