Professor Gabriel Coscas, the founder: Creteil is mourning

Pr Gabriel Coscas
Pr Gabriel Coscas
Pr Gabriel Coscas

We are deeply affected by the disappearance of Pr Gabriel Coscas at the age of 92.

Born in Tunisia on March 1, 1931, he was a pioneer in angiography and then retinal laser treatments. A hard worker, he was the author of several reference books and numerous scientific publications. Gabriel Coscas was above all a master, a visionary, an inspiration of genius.

Arrived in Créteil in 1970, he created an internationally renowned school based on humanist values. He was the master and mentor of generations of French and international retinologists. His career and his reputation have gone far beyond the limits of France, making Créteil a city known throughout the world and recognized by all international retinologists.

He opened his knowledge to ophthalmologists all over the world, and knew how to create numerous international collaborations. There is no doubt that the giant of the retina has made French ophthalmology shine and we can say that the world of the retina today would not be what it is without Pr Gabriel Coscas.

Our warmest thoughts go above all to Florence Coscas and her family, but also to her ophthalmology family in Créteil.

On behalf of all Creteil Retina team,
on behalf of all French ophthalmologists,
on behalf of all international retinologists,
thank you Pr Gabriel Coscas, we will never forget you.