Clinical research

Concerned diseases

The pathologies supported in clinical research by our department equipe are currently:

The clinical research is conducted by means of scientific studies protocols. They are both observational (regular monitoring of the patient without any intervention) and/or interventional.

A preferential care path

The patient journey consists of several stages.

First of all, the clinical research assistant (CRA) proposes to the patient to be cared as part of a research protocol program, that is to say that they are going to be treated while benefiting from a privileged route and the best treatments available.

The CRA explains in details the protocol strategy to the patient. Then both a physician and a CRA are prone to answer all of the patient's questions.  Only at that point an informed consent is signed by the patient.

The ARCs shall accompany the patient along the entire care path. This consists of a series of regular visits and follow ups. Each visit is divided into three parts:

  1. Visual acuity and retinal imaging (OCT, fundus photo, ocular tension)
  2. Medical examination and treatment safety and efficacy check.
  3. Therapy and post treatment visit.

At the end of this medical journey the patient can return home and another appointment is scheduled in order to allow a regular follow up.

The clinical research staff

Dr Francesca AmorosoStaff Physician

Department: Clinical Research, Senior
Specialty: AMD, Angioid streaks, Cataract surgery, Diabetic retinopathy, General Ophthalmology, Myopic maculopathy, Pachychoroid, Retinal Lasers, Retinal venous occlusive disease

Rislie BouzitouOrthoptist

Department: Clinical Research

Alexia CarrilloOrthoptist

Department: Clinical Research