Salle d'examens d'imagerie en condultation d'ophtalmologieIn the ophthalmology department of Créteil, patients can benefit from all the laser and pharmaceutical technologies actually on the market.

These treatments include intra-vitreous injections, laser treatments (Nd:YAG, Argon, Navilas), photo- dynamic therapy.

Retinal diseases such as exudative age related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema and retinal vein occlusions are treated by injecting drugs directly into the eye: this para-surgical procedure is called intravitreal injection.

In the ophthalmology department of Créteil no less than 13,000 injections per year are practiced.

The procedure is performed inside a sterile room and the patient lies supine position. The local anesthesia is practiced by eye drops after disinfection of the skin and the eye. It is a well tolerated gesture and it lasts only a few seconds. Sometimes, after the injection, a mild discomfort can ensue.