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Founded in 1937 at Créteil, the Intercommunal Hospital of Creteil (CHIC) is a public hospital that is affiliated to University Paris East Campus. The department of ophthalmology cures much different ocular pathology (eyelids diseases, pediatrics, glaucoma, general ophthalmology, cataract, pterigyum, medical and surgical retina).

However, the main interest and excellence is in the domain of the medical retina. For this purpose six different pathology-based consultations are organized in order to offer a more appropriate and efficient care to our patients. These consultations are: Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), retinal genetic diseases, diabetes / vein occlusion, myopic maculopathy, uveitis and vasculitis atrophic AMD.

With state-of-the-heart techniques and up to date diagnostic devices, as well as medical and surgical teams, the ophthalmic service of Creteil is ranked top among French hospitals.

The quality of its care attracts patients from all over France and also from foreign countries. Moreover, acting as a University hospital, it plays a key role in medical research and national and international congresses and meetings as well as being part of the theoretical University formation (the university diploma DU of Creteil is one of the most demanded).

The main interest and excellence is in the domain of the medical retina.

Our department attracts numerous students and residents from foreign Universities and it participates in international exchange programs. It is worth to mention that the ophthalmology department of Creteil is one of the few European zone hospitals chosen to hold the European Board of Ophthalmology exchange program for granted FEBOs (Fellow European Board of Ophthalmology). Its quality of care, the excellence of its team and the international reputation justify its position between the most important medical retina centers worldwide.

Professor Eric Souied, the head of the department, has been awarded as being one of the most influent ophthalmologists in the world. Our internationally renowned medical team contributes to the last scientific advances and welcomes each year ophthalmologists, residents and fellows who come from all over the world to improve their knowledge.

We put the formation at the center of our project

Anyone who comes here to learn is welcome.
Wednesday grandrounds provide a deep knowledge and training in the field of retina.

The research in medical retina is one of our strong suit and our department is nowadays a reference center for more than twenty drug studies. A whole team of clinical research has been created in order to accomplish this enormous target.

In order to bring together international medical practices and to create a network between ophthalmologists from different countries, we grant young ophthalmologists for an international fellowship. This fellowship is dedicated to ophthalmologists you wish to improve their know-how and to perform innovative research in the medical field of retina.

2022 annual meeting of the ophthalmology department
2022 annual meeting of the ophthalmology department


In Créteil Ophthalmology Department

Eligibility and selection

Eligibility criteria

  • Medical degree
  • Specialization in ophthalmology (in compliance with European law 2005-36-CE)
  • Knowledge of French (speaking, reading, listening, writing)
  • Knowledge of English (speaking, reading, listening, writing)
  • Experience in medical retina
  • Strong motivation
  • Be involved in a research and teaching dynamic

Selection criteria

Proposal will be evaluated by the Selection Committee. Reviewers will consider the following criteria:

  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • Knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of French
  • Working in team and cooperation ability
  • Scientific previous publications
  • Previous experiences

Selection committee

Permanent members (permanent members) :

  • Pr Eric Souied MD, PhD (Head of the department)
  • Dr Olivia Zambrowski MD
  • Pr Salomon Yves Cohen MD
  • The chief medical officer
  • The medical director

Application scheme

The applicant is expected to send an email to Prof Eric Souied () and carbon copy to the chief medical officer explaining their willingness to attend an international fellowship and enclose their curriculum vitae. The dead line is October of each year (taking into account that the fellowship starts every year in November).

After that, the selection committee will select a list of suitable candidates who are supposed to attend an oral interview with the head of the department. The final selection will be made after this step. The number of places will be published in advance in our website.

Obligations of the laureates

  • Sign a contract to carry out work for at least 12 month on behalf of CHIC
  • Enroll the French medical council and obtain a license of practice
  • Actively participate in the weekly class
  • Examine and operate on patients
  • Respect privacy and patients intimacy

Finally, the fellow is supposed to focus on a specific subfield of medical retina and to sub-specialize on it.


The program provides 12-month wage that is comparable with that of French who has the position-status of “assistant spécialiste des hôpitaux français”.

Apply for Fellowship

The CHIC has decided to institute the international fellowship to improve medical research and to foster and promote international mobility towards France.

You can download the PDF file containing the information of this page.

If you want to contribute to this program


Professor SOUIED
Service universitaire d'ophtalmologie
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal
40 avenue de Verdun
94000 Créteil - FRANCE


What our fellows say?

Read about successfully international fellows' stories directly to their voice.

Read about their experience at Créteil University hospital (download PDF file).

Giuseppe Querques

My name is Giuseppe Querques. Actually I’m professor in Italy and I work in Milan at the ophthalmologic unit of San Raffaele Hospital. I am still an associate professor at the University of Paris-est Créteil. The link between me and Créteil is still strong.

I started my fellowship in Créteil several years ago.

During my fellowship I perfected my knowledge in the field of medical retina, especially in age-related macular degeneration and I had the opportunity to make research and to collaborate on the publication of numerous international papers.

It was an amazing experience to be taught by world-renowned ophthalmologists.

Overall, I was a very productive experience.

Thank you Professor E. Souied

Giuseppe Querques

Sandrine Zweifel

My name is Sandrine Zweifel, I am a retina specialist, consultant and head of the medical retina and imaging unit at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

My fellowship at Créteil University Eye Clinic enriched both my personal and professional trajectory in an unparalleled way. You will have the opportunity to learn excellence in patient care and be part of outstanding research in the field of retina. To work with those at the top of their disciplines in such an inspiring environment is a unique experience.

The time with Prof. Souied and his team is a very important part of my curriculum and I would not want to miss it and can only recommend it.

I am very proud to be part of the "Créteil"-family!

Thank you Prof. E. Souied

Sandrine Zweifel

Vittorio Capuano

My name is Vittorio Capuano, I’m a 37-year-old  Italian Ophthalmologist and I work in Paris in a private practice and as a part time consultant at CHIC.

I came in Creteil 7 years ago and I started my fellowship just after the end of my residency. I’ve always wanted to attend a retina fellowship.

It was an amazing experience to meet and be taught by world-renowned professors and ophthalmologists like Prof. Souied and Prof. Cohen. The weekly lectures were very informative and provided us with a lot of knowledge, especially when the lecturers share their own experience and stimulate discussion among fellows. During my fellowship I specialize in atrophic macular degeneraiion and improved my surgical skills in cataract surgery as well.

The opportunity to meet fellow ophthalmologists from all over the world and share our experiences with them was definitely an added bonus. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience. Thank you Professor E. Souied.

Vittorio Capuano

Alexandra Miere

I am Alexandra Miere and I am currently in my 3rd year of Retina Fellowship in Pr. Souied’s Ophthalmology Department in Créteil. I began my residency training in Ophthalmology in Bucharest, Romania, and came to Créteil 5 years ago as a resident and then stayed on as a Retina fellow.

The Retina fellowship has been an outstanding opportunity to sharpen skills across different areas of ophthalmology and scientific research. During my fellowship, I focused my research on retinal imaging and most of all on OCT Angiography’s applications in various retinal disease. In my clinical practice, age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular disease and myopic maculopathy played a central part. I attended weekly rounds on retinal disease, which provided systematic reviews on current literature and interesting case discussions.

Overall, this fellowship has been both an exceptional training experience with world-renowned ophthalmologists, as well as a valuable route to career development. It was also a great chance to meet and work with wonderful colleagues and friends from different countries.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Professor Souied for having given me this amazing opportunity.

Alexandra Miere

Francesca Amoroso

My name is Francesca Amoroso, 33 y/ o from Italy and I am attending the 3rd year of retina fellowship at CI-IIC. I heard about Creteil retina international fellowship program during my residency.

Throughout my fellowship I have perfected my skills not only in age related macular degeneration, but also in myopia and diabetic retinopathy with a particular attention in laser therapy I have been having the chance to practice innovative laser therapies using the best and up-to-date laser machines.

I specialize in retina photocoagulation as well as in short pulse diode micropulse technique using the NAVILAS. The fellowship is very well structured with weekly grand rounds make by intemational ophthalmologists. I really enjoyed it. Finally, it was very productive and for that reason I decided to prolong my fellowship.

Thanks to CHIC and Professor E. Souied for making such an educational program.

Francesca Amoroso

Sergio Piscitello

I am Sergio Piscitello a 32 years old European ophthalmologist from Sicily. I came to know about the international retina fellowship via internet during the last semester of my residency. Attending to such retina fellowship was always one of my targets.

Actually, I am learning a lot, as the medical team of Creteil is learned and they provide me with the latest updated knowledge in medical retina. The professors are always prone to sharing their knowledge with residents and fellows. Moreover, knowing ophthalmologists from other countries is a great opportunity.

Finally, I got the honour to work in one the most prestigious retina service in Europe, the CHIC. The organization of the fellowship is perfect with workshops, grand rounds, clinical and surgical training. It is a great opportunity to improve my skills and to know some of the best experts in ophthalmology of the world.

Moreover, I am getting to know new people and wonderful colleagues from every part of world. Because ophthalmology is not only medicine but also friendship and collaboration.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Professor E. Souied, my master, for giving me this chance.

Sergio Piscitello