The palpebral pathologies requiring surgical intervention are several.
They may include:

  • The malposition of the eyelid : entropion, ectropion;
  • The wrong opening-process of the eyelid : ptosis, blépharospasme;
  • The malposition of the eyelash: trichiasis, distichiasis;
  • The presence of a benign mass, such as chalazion, or suspected malignancy;
  • Eyelid wounds;
  • A chronic watering originating from an obstruction of the tear pathways;
  • An excess of skin, called blepharochalasis.

We describe in a non-exhaustive way the main pathologies and their management in the ophthalmology department of the intercommunal hospital in Créteil.

You can make an appointment with one of the Ophthalmologists of the department who provide specific care dedicated to this pathology:

Department: Senior
Specialty: Cataract surgery, General Ophthalmology, Lacrimal duct, Orbit and eyelid, Pediatric ophthalmology, Retinopathy of prematurity