Your follow-up – The day after surgery and further monitoring

If you are referred by a corresponding ophthalmologist, monitoring can be done at your ophthalmologist’s office the day after the intervention. He can contact us if you want a second opinion.

If you came directly to the hospital, monitoring is done in the consultation area at the ground floor of building B.

Follow-up examination in the consultation area

The day after surgery, if you are hospitalized you are seen in the hospital by a doctor before you are discharged. For an ambulatory patient, a phone call lets us know if all goes as planned. In case of problem, the patient can call the medical staff at any time. If necessary he will be examined by a physician without prior appointment.

Further monitoring is then based on the condition that justified the intervention. In general, for a cataract, a consultation is planned with the corresponding ophthalmologist on the thirtieth day to prescribe glasses. It is then advisable to consult six months after surgery, then every year. Of course, these limits may be shortened or lengthened depending on the evolution.