Our department conducted on 2nd and 3rd of July 2018 the first International OCTA Summer Academy

We started from the observation that many large ophthalmology departments in the world have not yet acquired the basics of OCTA realization, image acquisition and image interpretation.

In addition, the OCTA imaging technique has been used for 3-4 years as a new diagnostic technique, but also for evaluation of patient follow-up and evaluation of therapeutic responses. OCTA is already in semiannual criteria of several clinical studies in the field of the retina.

We found it necessary to train clinical research investigators and validate their training in good clinical practice for OCTA. This was the reason to initiate the first “International OCTA Summer Academy”.

We have certified in good clinical practice OCTA 35 ophthalmologists and photographers from all continents. During this first IOSA, graduates were trained on Optovue, Heidelberg, Canon and Zeiss machines.

We will now promote the second IOSA in July 2019.